At Joyful Sound Academy of Music, we run workshops based in various locations around Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

We believe that music transcends intellectual and theoretical knowledge, directly touching the heart. We hold that at this deep, emotional level, music can influence core beliefs and facilitate somatic learning. We're qualified professionals who believe in people. We have experience working with Grammy Award winners, people with disabilities, and from various cultures around the world. Our unique blend of musical expertise and hands-on experience equips us to provide an unparalleled learning experience.

What Makes Us Stand Out:

Educational Background:

Completed Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music with Distinction

Achieved a Diploma in Community Services for Inclusive Education

Performance Experience:

Performances at QPAC and internationally

NDIS Involvement:

Support worker experience in the disability sector

Supportive Approach:

Committed to fostering a supportive learning environment for all

Facilitated Songwriting Workshops

Immerse yourself in collaborative artistry through our expertly facilitated songwriting workshops. Designed for diverse settings, including NDIS programs catering to individuals with intellectual disabilities, our specialised sessions unlock the joy of creating music in groups. Whether it's strangers forming a music group, a community gathering, or a school event, we bring people together, fostering connection and empowerment through the transformative power of music.

Our mission is to cultivate your love for music, as it serves as the key to lifelong learning, ultimately helping you become a skilled musician and songwriter.

156 Boundary St, Suite #1122, West End, QLD 4101