Joyful Sound

We dedicate our knowledge and expertise to creating transformative programs for community benefit. These programs aim to enhance self-esteem, boost confidence, instill purpose, foster community engagement, and improve emotional regulation for all participants.

We take having fun seriously.

Providing encouraging and safe spaces to be free to come alive.

We definitely didn't get here overnight though.

In fact, quite the opposite...

After a ten-year journey, we have launched Joyful Sound with the intention of applying what has been learned in the music industry, support work, and university settings into a music academy specifically inclusive of NDIS participants. Joyful Sound has performed music internationally, worked with Grammy Award winners and conducted workshops for allied health and early childhood professionals.

This initiative reflects Joyful Sound's dedication to creating an inclusive space where individuals with disabilities can engage and thrive in the world of music. With a dedicated and experienced Social Worker on board, all policies and procedures of the music academy are executed with ethical and professional standards.

156 Boundary St, Suite #1122, West End, QLD 4101